Bringing indigenous knowledge to the centre of scientific research

We undertake qualitative and quantitative research that is rooted in the perspectives of practitioners of mmino wa setšo practitioners using case study and longitudinal designs.

RSFAM project

We have qualified and skilled researchers who conduct research in large teams commissioned by music foundations, and other research entities. Co-founder and director of MTD, Mr Mahlaga J Molepo is a field researcher in Music in Africa RSFAM Project. The RSFAM project is a multi-faceted initiative aimed at empowering African music professionals with information, training and tools to maximise their earning potential. Another key goal of the RSFAM project is to advocate for improved legislation in the music industry against the backdrop of a rapidly changing operational environment for music creators. Read more…..

Current projects:

There are no projects currently running. Watch the space to collaborate on new projects or simply contact us.

Previous projects:

  • Music in Africa RSFAM project

  • Mmino wa Bana and Dinonwane: A Short Musical Production

  • Mmino wa Setšo – A Documentary [recalled]

  • Immortalizing: pencil portraits [unpublished]

  • 2nd Annual Dinaka/Kiba Festival: Rutang Bana Ditaola Workshop Dataset [unpublished]

  • Lerato la Mmino wa Setšo [unpublished book]

  • MTD on the road: a collection of photos spanning 7 years