Our identity is a lepapate -  a kudu horn specially prepared for use during live perfromances by baletsi (practitioners) of Dinaka/Kiba music and dance.


About us


Our mission is to produce, document, package, market and sell products and services related to Mmino wa Setso (i.e. Dinaka/Seberebere), locally, regionally and internationally. 

We are mostly driven by the urgent need to address the material conditions of practitioners of Mmino wa Setso Ga Molepo and other adjacent regions where Mmino wa Setso is practiced. Read more...

As we move further into the 22nd century where the global economic model will be positively skewed towards a Knowledge Economy, we will
position the cooperative to be a global Indigenous Music and Dance knowledge base that services the unique needs of clients.
Our MminoWaSetso2020 vision entails the re-engineering of traditional music and dance into a unique brand that inspires practitioners and its
workforce to see beyond their secluded past, reinvigorate communal collective, challenge colonial hegemony, emerge from the shackles of their
social environment, see opportunity in all aspects of life.